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My Experience With 1.M.R (One More Rep):

 The first time I started to use 1MR was about 8 months into my training. I had been working out roughly 3-4 days a week. Doing Chest and tri’s on Mondays, Back and biceps on Wednesdays, abs in my free time at home and legs on a Friday night.

I had first been recommended 1MR by my personal trainer (John) who was supplementing it at the time. He was the sort of guy who was extremely focused in the sport of bodybuilding. While I did a fair amount of research in my spare time, he took it up as a 24 / 7 job. He was always really keen on his diet and researching what to eat, what whey protein to drink and what supplements can help shred the fat or build that extra muscle and when to supplement it. Most of the time he would be talking about new routines or eating plans from studies he had read in medical journals weeks before I would see someone posting about it on the bodybuilding forums.

The 6 month dreaded plateau

About 6 months into training, I started to feel like my workout sessions weren’t benefiting me as much as they once did when I first started to workout. John told me about the different training principals, focusing on the principal of diminishing returns. In order to avoid diminishing returns in muscle size, John suggested switching up my workout routines and exercises. I tried for about 2 months to switch up my workout routines and change my diet, however I still wasn’t benefiting as much as I initially did, within that first 6 months period of training. I felt that my progress was creeping along, I felt like I hit a bit of a plateau, which was annoyingly hard to overcome.
It was frustrating as I would seem to be lifting the same amount of weight for a lot longer than I did before and I felt that I wasn’t quite getting enough out of my workouts, I’m not going to lie, there were some points were I felt like quitting because the progress was so slow, it was disappointing.

It is common…. its not just me!

Basically I explained what I was feeling to John, my personal trainer, which he replied back saying it was actually quite common. He went on to explain that this is the most important time to motivate yourself to push through this hurdle.
He found many of his clients would quit due to the declining progress, leaving all that muscle built in the first 6 months to be absorbed by the body and be turned into energy and fat. This is the clique of most people who sign up to a gym and is definitely something I wanted to overcome.
As soon as he said it, it actually made a lot of sense to me, as whenever I was out at a house party or at uni. Generally when I mentioned that I worked out at the gym, I would always hear someone saying that they gave it ago for roughly 6 months before quitting.

Like an orange lollipop

This is when John recommended I should try out half a scoop of the concentrated pre-workout he was taking, 1MR. The following Monday I gave it a go, met John at the gym, funneled in half of a scoop of the powder (orange flavor) into my water bottle and drank it on the spot. The taste was actually not that bad, I mean it’s no freshly squeeze orange juice, but it kind of tasted like an orange lollipop. We waited for about 15 minutes chatting about its ingredients and some of the benefits I should be noticing. After that 15 minutes, I could feel 1MR taking affect and we hit the gym.

Finally, progression!

Straight away I could feel a surge of energy, I felt much more awake and motivated to lift some weights and expend some energy. We did a quick stretch and light run on the treadmill to warm up.

First up was the bench press

I put on my normal weight (33 lbs / 15 kg) on each side and gave it a push. It felt actually slightly lighter than usual, I actually had to double check that the weights I put on were the correct weight.

Another 5lbs

I then pumped out my normal 8 reps, at which point John said, give it another 2. Usually at this point my muscles are feeling a bit of the strain… however now, i was feeling pumped and full of energy, I easily finished the 2 reps and rack up the bar. The next set I put on another 5lbs on each side and finished another 8 reps. For my last set I racked up another 5lbs on each side, and was able to just pushed through to 7 reps. This was great, I actually progressed more than I had in the past 2 months of training in one session, it was an unbelievable feeling of relief and excitement.

That day I worked out for literally 2 hours, it was the longest session that

I had ever done. I think it was the excitement, the energy and the fact

that I was progressing forward in my strength goals, literally I increased

the weight lifted on nearly every exercise. My muscle were feeling fuller

then usual and overall that day I felt on fire!

Morning after

 In the morning, wow, it was as if it had been my first day at the gym, my muscles felt well worked out. I know most people hate this feeling, but I actually love it, because I know when I feel this way, my muscles are growing and I’m moving forward, towards my strength and size goals. Not to mention, because I worked out for double the time, I would usually workout for!

Enough excitement, give it to me straight!

When it comes down to it, you don’t need the concentrated pre-workout supplement, 1MR to build muscle or succeed in your fitness goals. You also do not need a car to get around, but having one makes getting around so much easier and this is the case with 1MR. To be honest getting over that plateau really helped me progress forward, not only physically but mentally. 1MR gives you the energy, the strength and the focus to push harder and achieve those results you are after from the effort you put in, and this is really why I still use it today. 1MR is one of my favourite supplements, find out today if it is yours as well.

Less than the cost of a coffee

I think the first time I bought 1MR, I bought it for $35, since then I have done my research and have done a bit of price hunting. At the moment generally a good guide is if you pay under $30 for it, then you are getting it at a good price.

1MR has 28 servings in it, which comes out to be roughly $1 per servings. Which is very cost effective, I would pay $1 per serving any day, heck I would even pay double that!

Directions – How to use it:

Use On Training Days Only. Take one (1) serving (1 scoop) approximately 15-30 minutes prior to training, blended into 6-8 ounces (180-240mL) of cold water or beverage, shake or stir for 10-15 seconds and consume.  Try starting off on half a scoop and increasing it to a full scoop if you feel you need it, not only does it make the product more cost effective. It is a great way to control the strength and energy of the product.


Contains 140 Grams and 28 servings

Whats the difference between the original and vortex?

In short, BPI Sports have reformulated the old "original" forumla into the new vortex pre-workout, the new version has a smaller range of ingredients which are proven to work, which keeps the product simple, safe and effective. The days where the moto of pre-workouts powders were "the more the better", including every ingredient in the world listed on the packaging is long gone. There is a new category of concentrated preworkout supplements that have started to become popular, these concentrated preworkouts contain less ingredients with a bigger improvement to energy, focus and endurance. BPI Sports knows this and has developed their new, well formed and effective concentrated pre-workout supplement that now has an even better kick, energy, strength and focus hit.

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